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Service Plans and Billing
1. Will I be charged for diverted calls?
  Yes, you will be charged the airtime equivalent to an incoming call. The charges are based on your selected service plan.
2. When will I receive my monthly bill?
  You will be billed on the same date every month, based on the date you subscribed to M1's services. Charges and payments will be recorded up to the day your bill is issued.
Voice Mail
1. Can I avoid having to key in my Password when retrieving messages?
  Yes, you can enable or disable your Password at any time. You do this through "Mailbox Options".
2. How long will the messages be stored in the Mailbox?
  For VoiceMail, new messages will be stored for up to 8 days. For VoiceMail Plus, new messages will be stored for up to 15 days.
3. How many digits must the VoiceMail Password have?
  The Password can be from 4 to 15 digits long.
4. Is there a way I can fast forward the messages left in the VoiceMail?
  You can press 33 to fast forward a message, and 11 to rewind after listening to it.
Value Added Services
1. Why do I see "Call Divert Activated" on my mobilephone when I make outgoing calls even though I did not activate this feature?
  Yes, you can enable or disable your Password at any time. You do this through "Mailbox Options".
2. Can I include 1381 in my choice of local numbers for Family & Friends?
  No, 1381 is not included in the choice of local numbers for Family & Friends.
3. How often can I change my choice of local numbers for Family & Friends?
  You can change your choice as often as you like, but a $10 charge applies each time you change your choice.
4. Will there be extra phone numbers allocated for data/fax services?
  A phone number will be allocated to the data or fax service. If you subscribe to both services, two phone numbers will be given to you in addition to your mobile phone number.
M1 Auto Roaming
1. Why does my mobile phone display "Emergency Calls Only" or "Forbidden" even when I have Autoroaming service?
  Your mobile phone displays this when the coverage is weak or if you are accessing another network instead of the one you subscribed to. You should move to an area that gives your phone a stronger signal. Use the arrow keys and menu button on your phone to access the right network. Before you leave for the country you intend to visit, check with the Autoroaming Countries list of network operators.
2. What charges do I have to bear if I make a local call in the autoroaming country which I am visiting?
  You will be charged the local airtime rate of the GSM operator and any roaming surcharge payable in your roaming destination.
3. What charges will I have to bear when I receive a call from Singapore while I am roaming in Hong Kong?
  You will have to bear the IDD charges from Singapore to Hong Kong, the local airtime rate of the respective operator in Hong Kong, and any payable value-added tax.
4. When I am roaming in Hong Kong, what number should a caller in Singapore have to dial to reach me?
  Your caller simply dials your mobile phone number as if you were in Singapore.
5. What number does my caller in Hong Kong have to dial to reach me when I am in Hong Kong?
  Your caller still has to make an international call, i.e. +65-968X-XXXX, to reach you on your mobile phone.
6. If I am roaming in Hong Kong, how do I make a local call?
  Just dial the party's local number.
7. Can I use SMS while roaming?
  You can still send text messages to another M1 customer while you are roaming provided the mobile phone of the recipient supports SMS.
1. Will I be notified if my short message storage on my SIM Card is full?
  Yes, most mobile phones will give an indication: a flashing envelope icon; or a beep tone and a text message. Please refer to the user manual of your mobile phone.
2. Does M1 have coverage in the MRT?
  Yes, we have network availability of more than 99% island-wide, and this includes the MRT tunnels, CTE tunnels, and all expressways.
M1 Smart Dualband
1. Do I need to subscribe for M1 Smart DualBand service?
  No subscription is required for DualBand access. M1 GSM customers who use a dualband phone will automatically enjoy this service.
2. Will Smart DualBand work on my current handset?
  As long as you hold a dualband handset, you'll be able to enjoy M1's Smart DualBand network. Current dualband handset models include:
Nokia 6150, 8210, 8850, 3210, 7110
Ericsson T18, T10, A1018, T28
Motorola V3688, V2088, L708
Bosch 909 dual s
Panansonic GD90
Phillips Savvy DB
Siemens S25
3. If I am in the midst of a conversation, will there be any disruption and must I manually switch networks?
  No, we've provided seamless switching capability so you won't even notice it, nor will you experience any disruption in your calls. There's no need to manually switch networks as Smart DualBand is transparent and hassle free.
4. How will I be charged for calls made on this DualBand network?
  There are no additional charges for DualBand capability; so you don't have to pay any more than you would normally pay for talktime under your GSM plan.
5. Do I need to change my current SIM to enjoy M1 Smart DualBand?
  No, it is not SIM dependent.
6. I have a PCN phone with me. Can I subscribe to M1 and be able to make calls using my PCN phone?
  No, M1 does not offer GSM 1800 plans since we operate a GSM 900 network. M1's Smart DualBand service is to provide you with the optimum choice of signals, to give you the best network performance.
7. Why does M1 have to complement its GSM 900 network with GSM 1800?
  As you know, our GSM service already covers 99.99% of Singapore. We are deploying GSM 1800, not for coverage, but as a means of providing more radio resources so that customers can continue to enjoy optimum network capacity. By doing so, we're proactively ensuring that there will be no congestion, or dropped calls, in high traffic areas. And with more data applications coming on stream, eg. WAP and GPRS, we're taking steps to ensure that you get the best network performance at all times.
8. Did M1 build its own GSM 1800 network or is it rented from SingTel or StarHub?
  The GSM 1800 network is entirely M1's. It is not rented from SingTel or StarHub.
9. If coverage is not good in an area, why doesn't M1 just add more transmitters (base stations) instead of using GSM 1800?
  This is not relevant as GSM 1800 is not used for coverage. We will build more GSM 900 base stations as the need arises for improved coverage in an area.
10. What will my phone LCD display when I am connected to M1's GSM 1800 network?
  You will still see "M1-GSM" on your phone. Our Smart DualBand network is a 2-in-1 network, hence it is seamless and transparent to a customer. That's why you won't see a change of network on your phone.
11. How extensive is M1 GSM 1800 coverage?
  It is especially extensive in high traffic areas like Shenton Way and Orchard Road.
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